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…Those who grew up in the Dayton, Ohio area between the mid 60s and the early 80s can testify to the bold funk and musical excellence of the many talented musicians, singers, and all around entertainers that evolved. Some of these groups rose to the heights of popular music, and are still entertaining the troops, in old school shows. Those who were there to witness the caliber of entertainment that we took for granted will always wonder why more of the Dayton Funksters never made it to the top. This Website won’t answer that question, but it is a fantastic voyage back into your memories. For 10 years now, this has been the old school library of all things Dayton – the original Unsung. Here we stockpile the pictures, the stories, and the music of Dayton. Now we can all commune and network together on the interactive DMG playground that has been formed on facebook. God Bless social Networking. I urge you to join that DMG group and add your voice to the chorus.
If you have a biography or information that you would like to see included, drop us a line.

“All we’re selling in this business is fantasy, and memories”
-George Clark.

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