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The Philadelphia Story

  I am a firm believer in the Laws of Attraction. It amazes me how the flimsiest of connections can bring people together from all corners of the earth.
The Philadelphia Story is a quartet. I never met them, and never heard them sing, but there was a connection and although flimsy, it was enough to grant them honorary Dayton Group props.
Forty years ago, I was part of a band called The Stone Soul Image. We were invited by our manager’s old friend Fuller Gordy, to come to Detroit and audition for Motown. Our audition started by an opening act gig at the renowned Motor City club, known as the Twenty Grand. The headliner was David Ruffin, recently departed from the world famous Temptations. In the process of working on our Motown deal, some of the principals were talking about having us tour with David Ruffin, either as his background singers or as his opening act. The negotiations broke down, primarily because we ranged in age from 21 to 15.
To make a long story short, the group Philadelphia Story got the gig.

Guy Ellington, Monroe Wright (center)

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