The Dayton Music Guide

The Dayton Music Guide

cropped-dmg5.jpgThe DMG Story

In 1999, when the internet was still new, I had the idea to develop a website that would chronicle the story of the Dayton entertainment scene from the eyes of the folks that performed it. I lived some of it, and have met many of the other guys who lived and performed it by my side or within my field of view. Together we entertained each other and our friends and family.

The Dayton Music Guide is simply a reference source for the famous, and not so famous entertainers that breathed the rare air in the small south western community of Dayton, Ohio, situated in the Miami River Valley. I called upon a few of my contemporaries (The DMG Think Tank) and they helped me to breathe life into the original Dayton Music Guide. Dana Meyers, Charles Carter, Otis Stokes, Lamar Webster, Patricia Toliver, Philip Broyles, Tommy Henderson and John Mortimer were the backbone of our little encyclopedia. Along the way, friends submitted pictures and many tidbits of information, and we added their memories to ours.

It has been a long 19 year labor of love that has launched several new variations on the theme. Others have taken advantage of increased internet speeds, technologies and platforms and developed sister sites, blogs and other social media information sharing groups.

Lamar Webster took the DMG one step further and created the DMG Facebook  Group, and it has become a hallmark social media gathering. On any given day an abundance of pictures, music, live streams, and information concerning current events can be found in that group . We’ve even flirted with an online DMG Radio show.

We’re talking about Dayton, Ohio – the land of funk, and the home of international entertainers, championship athletes, comedians, and actors. Follow us

If you have a memory, info old or new or if your name, the name of your group, friend or cousin should be on this site for prosperity, email us at


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